About Us

Rafayel on the Left Bank is part of Battersea’s stunning and award-winning Falcon Wharf Development. Designed by architect James Burland, the unique and critically-acclaimed steel, glass and timber building provides a fitting home for Rafayel on the Left Bank.

One of the world’s first environmentally-conscious luxury hotels, Rafayel on the Left Bank is set to prove that hotels can embrace cutting-edge green technologies and minimize their environmental impact without compromising on 5-star luxury, quality or comfort.

Incorporating the latest technological advances in LED lighting, air conditioning, VDA efficiencies and rainwater harvesting will enable the hotel to reduce the 70kg carbon footprint of the average London hotel guest by an astounding 20%

The hotel’s pioneering developer has combined his dynamic concept for the hotel with his passionate concern over global warming, stating that…

…luxury should not mean adhering to traditional standards of unsustainable opulence rather it should incorporate technology that is in tune with the sensitivities of Mother Nature. Our goal should be to be ‘Green’ with benevolence & compassion but without compromising on the quality & luxury that the modern age offers us.


The building’s simple configuration of curved blocks provides a stunning, & unmatched, 360° view of London from a large roof terrace where guests can enjoy panoramic views over the river and city skyline.

We at Rafayel want each and every one of our guests to enjoy the most luxurious and relaxing stay imaginable

  • Hotel Rafayel boasts 65 luxurious “smart” rooms
  • 23 apartments (Ideal for families)
  • Boardroom
  • A stunning champagne bar and riverside restaurant
  • Corporate boardroom
  • Library
  • Conference facilities for 150
  • Wellbeing spa and gym